Multi-Asset Portfolio Management Services (To be launched Shortly)


IFA's customized portfolio management services are geared toward giving clients the best shot at achieving their return objectives while containing risk at a level consistent with the client's risk appetite.

  • IFA's approach to client engagement

At the outset, IFA would conduct a thorough risk profiling to understand investment objectives and risk capacity. IFA would then propose the optimal asset allocation. Once the asset allocation is agreed upon mutually, IFA would position the portfolio to make the most of the market opportunities. 

  • Discretionary Management Strategy

The discretionary element of portfolio management would be executed using IFA's proprietary model based on techno-fundamental analysis and quantitative analysis. The model helps IFA determine which phase of the risk cycle we are in and accordingly adjust portfolio risk parameters such as Beta and Duration. IFA would keep a constant tab on the portfolio risk at all times.

IFA's equity allocation would comprise Nifty 50 stocks/index/Funds, Nifty Midcap stocks/Funds, S&P500/Nasdaq Funds, REITs and InvITs

IFA's debt allocation would comprise funds holding GOI bonds, SDLs, AAA PSU bonds, AAA NBFC bonds, and Sovereign Gold bonds

  • Operational Considerations

The endeavor would ensure client transactions are executed in the most efficient way possible. The equity and debt funds that IFA would invest in would be shortlisted based on multiple factors i.e. past performance (Information Ratio), Assets Under Management, Corporate Governance track record of the fund house, track record of fund managers, current holdings, expense ratio, etc. 

  • Benchmarking

IFA would follow a transparent approach to benchmarking, making it easier for clients to evaluate IFA's performance. For the equity portfolio, IFA would use the Nifty 50 as a benchmark, while for the debt component, IFA would use the CRISIL composite bond fund index.

  • MIS

The MIS would be presented to clients in a standardized SEBI prescribed format within seven working days of the end of each month. 

  • Portfolio Management Fees

A fee of 0.5% of AUM would be charged for portfolio management services. In cases of redemption within one year, the exit load would be 2% of the amount redeemed. In the case of redemption within two years, the exit load would be 1.5%, and in the case of redemption within three years, the exit load would be 1%. Exit load for redemption post three years would be NIL.



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