Treasury Elite Conclave – August 2016

Global Financial Markets and Credit Scenario 2016-17

Treasury Elite powered by IFA Global hosted an event in Mumbai on 5th August 2016 at the Boundary Hall, MCA Club, BKC. The theme of the event was ‘Global Financial Markets and Credit Scenario 2016-17’. New Challenges, New Opportunities!

The chief guest for the event was Mr. Madhusudan Kela – Chief Investment Strategist at Reliance Capital.

Following people were there with him on the panel with him for discussion:

  • Mr. Ajay Mahajan, Head – Commercial and Wholesale Banking, IDFC Bank
  • Mr. Jitendra Jain (Chief Financial Officer – Corporate Finance of GMR Group)
  • Dr. Ajit Ranade, Chief Economist – Aditya Birla Group

The moderator for the event was Mr. Harsha Subramaniam – Executive Producer, Bloomberg Media Group

The event was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by all the attendees and they look forward to be a part of many such events. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain from Reliance said, ‘It was a very stimulating and thought provoking discussion relevant to today’s VUCA world.’

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Venue: Boundary Hall, MCA Club, BKC Time: 5:30 am

Event Testimonials

Mr. Madhusudan Kela

Reliance Capital

Mr. Madhusudan Kela- Chief Investment Strategist at Reliance Capital (Chief Guest) Topic of discussion: Global Financial Market & Credit Outlook: 2016-17. New Challenges, New Opportunities.

Mr. Harsha Subramanium

Executive Producer- Bloomberg Media Group

I thoroughly enjoyed the treasury elite platform, I think this has been an extremely exciting conversation with the people in the industry and in the markets. It's been informative and most people come extremely out of insights and experience, come share their own experiences, understood how markets are behaving today and more importantly, trying to figure out what the road ahead looks like. All the best and good luck to Treasury Elite.


Mr. Ajay Mahajan

Head- Commercial and Wholesale Banking- IDFC Bank

I think this is a very very good initiative, my compliments to entire governing team of Treasury Elite that you are doing programs like this because the need of the hour, the need of the day, need of the year or whatever time horizon you want to see is that there is more dissemination of information and more analysis of information that the corporate treasurer need to get that he ever needed before. I think forums like these go a long way in letting people under one roof, get to see the views, get to see the analytics and the thought processes of practitioners who come and share their views with treasurers and CFO’s and MD’s of companies. I think this is a fantastic forum. I also compliment the team for having got people on daylight this when there are weather warnings and to see 60 CFO’s sitting there is fantastic compliments for the team. So I think keep up the good work, very delighted with what I saw and the people I met and I wish Treasury Elite all the best.

Mr. Madhusudhan Kela

Chief Investment Strategist- Reliance Capital

I think this is a very good experience, it was conducted in a very professional manner. The participation was from a wide ranging audience, people from corporate sectors, bankers, people from markets and I actually enjoyed it and I think it is a long way to go.

Dr. Ajit Ranade

Chief Economist- Aditya Birla Group

I am very happy to have an interaction today, very creative and really stimulating discussion today, and we covered a lot of topics including domestic and global. So I am quite happy and the turnout was quite impressive considering the weather.




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