Service Offerings
  • Treasury Risk Policy

    Risk management is an integral part of good corporate governance. It plays an important role in timely management of associated risks in the company. It broadly encompasses the following:

    • Manage different types of treasury risks to which their activities are exposed to
    • Set firm risk mitigation techniques for managing the Treasury more optimally
    • Define the roles & responsibilities of Key personnel (related to this function), for clearer action plan
    • Advice upon the centralization and re-engineering of the treasury function– Streamlining of Treasury Function
    • Availability of wide experience of best practices within both the corporate & financial service sector

    This policy would touch upon all the pain points related to Treasury for a corporate. The financial risk–Interest Rate Risk, Currency Risk, Operational Risk, Fund flow improvement etc. will be managed more optimally. The Treasury Risk Policy is designed to give clients a single point of reference for all issues impacting the treasury function.

  • Treasury Advisory Function

    Managing global treasury is a challenging task. It’s important to manage cash investments, debt outstanding, various inflows & outflows happening around the world. Therefore, monitoring and mitigating global risks and transacting in unfamiliar markets have become tough tasks for every corporate house. Our Advisory team delivers bespoke treasury solutions for all shapes and sizes of organizations. IFA provides its clients with customized world class solution on these fronts so as to manage their treasury risk proactively :

    • Interest Rate & FX Hedging program
    • Advisory on hedging of Long term loans & liability using Swaps, Options etc.
    • Advisory on Banking Structures & other related issues
    • Implementation of hedging strategies - (As per Treasury Risk Policy)
    • Daily Market updates with briefing of critical upcoming events
    • Maintenance of Portfolio Management sheet for regular tracking of Exposure
    • Periodical Meetings for improvisation in process & strategies
    • Maintaining Net Promoter Score to check brand equity and customer satisfaction
    • This function also encompasses Treasury Management of companies who have parent –subsidiary company structure operating cross-border

    Note: The Company also undertakes Complete Treasury Outsourcing contract for companies who are willing to outsource their treasury function (as they lack the requisite personnel & infrastructure to manage it efficiently)