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  • Case Studies

    Interest Rate
    Financial managers responsible for negotiating term loans from commercial banks often feel confronted by a dead end—the banker’s restrictions (restrictive covenants) on the company to ensure repayment.
    Bank charges and FX margins
    Corporations often regard their treasury as a non-core function. They look upon it in the same way as their human resources, IT and Finance functions – a function that they need to have but which does not impact on their core business.
    Risk Management Policy
    Financial risk management is state of the art quantitative and qualitative analysis, combined with some of the oldest tools in business – experience, judgment and common sense.
    Trade Documentation
    Trade in today’s world is a complex activity. Except for the parties involved & exchange of goods a lot of regulatory requirement needs to be met to conduct the trade on a sound pedestal.
    Structured Trade Finance
    Structured Trade Finance (STF) is an alternative mean of providing trade financing facility so as to overcome the difficulty of obtaining conventional financing products. STF transactions are structured around the supply chain & customer’s commercial terms – involving large bilateral strategic relationships.