Service Offerings
  • Risk management can be interpreted in various ways. In the corporate treasury space, risk management often refers to hedging financial risk - fluctuations in foreign exchange, interest rate dilemma, and commodity price change which can erode bottom line earnings per share.

    Every company looks for cash and liquidity visibility so as to mobilize cash more efficiently, reduce their interest costs, increase cash returns and improve the effectiveness of the hedging programs

    Along with it the process should be coupled up with custom payment workflows for initiation, approval, document storage, transmission, and acknowledgement of payments

    Another key point for management would be to easily manage and track Debt, Investments, Intercompany transfers, FX, and Derivative transactions

    IFA Global is in collaboration with a U.S. based world class global Treasury Solutions Software provider which helps company to deal with their five major pain points through a systematic Treasury Management Software. The software helps in:

    • Cash & Liquidity
    • Payments
    • Supply Chain Finance
    • Financial Transactions - Fx & Derivatives
    • Risk Management (MTM, Hedge Accounting, Other spheres of risk etc)