Service Offerings
  • Domestic & International News Report

    A highly qualified & experienced Research team works relentlessly to analyze all the global & domestic news and create strong research reports on a daily basis. The team covers various events and issues occurring around the global markets and analyses its impact on the economy and on other major cross currency pairs. The focus of these reports is on the performance of various economic indicators, credit flows and other major happenings across the world, so that the companies having international exposures can take timely action on its exposures.

  • Strategy & Other Premium Reports

    The Research team, along with the Structuring team contributes its deep insights on various options and futures strategies on a weekly basis. Each week a strategy is devised for importers/exporters to help them cover their exposures in a cost effective way. These reports also analyze the payoff-matrix to reduce the FX risk involved in the open exposures for importers/exporters. Apart from this we share with our clients reports encompassing Technical charts (using various studies), Arbitrage strategies (Interest rate) and statutory/regulatory updates from the local regulators.