IFA’s culture and recruitment strategy are tailored towards its unique brand of excellence and desire to exceed expectations.

IFA Global, not only strives to work hard, but also tries to provide ample opportunities to its people to ensure that they enjoy themselves in the process. We put in conscious effort to ensure that the firm’s culture is conserved and enhanced. We promote an open, disciplined, merit-based atmosphere in the organization, rewarding people for performance and creativity.

At IFA Global, there is a keen focus on the people who have been the key to the success of the firm. Across all levels, the team is expected to share their views and provide suggestions for mutual growth, which provides endless opportunities for the firm and their own development.

What We Look For

IFA Global strives to attract the right talent and nurture diversity across the firm. Our ambition of growing the business and expanding our geographical footprint is only possible with the right people to help us achieve it. We need people with a winning mindset, passion to continuously learn and grow, and an appetite to drive personal performance.

An ideal candidate brings to the table:

  1. Strong analytical skills
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  3. Passion to continuously learn and grow
  4. High self-motivation

Employee Welfare

IFA Global provides a supportive work culture by forming virtuous policies for employee welfare. There is openness towards discussing new ideas and the support of the senior management is quite encouraging. We ensure that a healthy work environment is provided to all.

We recognize our employees as a significant asset and as a competitive edge for achieving greater results. Discrimination and prejudice is absolutely unacceptable at IFA Global. The senior management constantly interacts with employees to collect ideas on how to improve the work environment and address the concerns.