Service Offerings

It is often observed that managing FX is a holistic activity that encapsulates various functions right from recognizing and capturing exposures, execution and negotiation with the bank, hedging as per business cycles & industry standards and defined risk management policy. It also needs immediate market information, sound analytics and preparing of regular MIS for the management and stakeholders.

IFA is focussed on offering a complete solution to selective clients w.r.t complete outsourcing of the Treasury Decision, Execution and maintenance of MIS . IFA is pushing into this space with the motive to standardize & optimize the treasury functions across the enterprise as per industry standards. A specialised and experienced team works closely with the company and ensures disciplined approach of risk management and optimise benchmark rates. So most importantly for a company, one of the major value additions comes in the form of Specialised and Dedicated team and time saving for the Senior Management. IFA has a unique model of profit sharing under this service hence the best team and resources are involved to optimise the treasury function. Additionally, IFA ensures that the company outperforms the market rates on the date of realisation.

The Basic benefits derived are as follows.

  1. Regular and efficient capturing of exposures through effective MIS.
  2. Save immense management time at all levels.
  3. Deal with an extremely specialised and dedicated team in the industry.
  4. Ease of execution and bank negotiation.
  5. Outperforming market rates & ensuring proper risk management.

In a nutshell our aim is to achieve a consolidated view of risk across the organization & improve overall profitability and transparency for the company.