20th September, 2014

FX Risk Management

Key Guest

In a quest to amplify our success and enhance the level of commitment to our clients, IFA expanded to a new office at Ahmedabad. The event was enriched with a corporate training program on FX Risk management. Specific forward strategies based on the current market scenario and how they can act as comprehensive cost cutting measures for businesses varying across sizes and complexities. In a bid to magnify the knowledge on options as a hedging instrument, strategies were discussed and received stupendous response from the participants. The training on behalf of India Forex Advisors was imparted by Mr. Abhishek Goenka (CEO and Founder), Mr. Dharmesh Makhwana (Associate Director) and Mr. Pranesh Upadhyay (Senior Analyst).

Key topics covered under the event were forward hedging strategies, various options categories and strategies that can be adopted by thembeneficially